Shane Dawson just uploaded a series about beauty guru, Jeffree Star. The series shows us things about Jeffree that we don’t see in his channel. We got a tour of his house, we see a glimpse of how he manages his businesses and more. Needless to say, we see a different side of Jeffree in this series. And it was amazing.

I watch Shane Dawson’s videos because he is funny and he is really enjoyable to watch along with his friends. However, I know that there’s a lot more about Shane than being the funny and witty person that he is. I know that there’s so much more depth to him. And I’ve seen that depth in his series about Graveyard Girl, his series about Tanacon and now with The Secret World of Jeffree Star. I love how Shane tries to dig into a person and how he wants to show us a different angle about that person.

When I think about Jeffree Star, the words “slay” and “queen” comes into mind. I like his personality and his honesty. Some people dislike him and think that he’s nothing more than an attention seeker. I disagree to that- I’ve always seen that there’s so much strength in Jeffree. And when I saw the finale to Shane’s series, I realized that I was right. The previous videos of the series showed that Jeffree’s past isn’t anything like the lifestyle he’s living now. It wasn’t all glam, infact, there’s a lot of darkness and sadness. We saw in the previous videos that his dreams were crushed too but he was able to build his life back up. However, I didn’t realize how much darkness was there.

In the finale of the series, there’s a clip of Jeffree spitting out horrible things to a person who was insulting him. Jeffree explained that it was because he was in a lot of pain and that he was always defending himself. To protect himself from more pain, Jeffree resorted to building up his walls and acting all tough. I was close to tears then. I see this person who I watch just put on make-up and then now I see the extent of strength he has in him. And then he revealed the truth behind his tattoos and then I was stunned. Then, I started to really cry. I just admired Jeffree ten times more. He had dark times but he was past it now. He has evolved and I would like to believe that he’s healed. I genuinely wish Jeffree happiness because he deserves it. So, this series made me understand Jeffree.

Anyways, Shane’s videos are phenomenal. He’s totally more than just a funny youtuber now, he shows us stuff that we haven’t seen before. Shane’s videos now can really ignite feelings in your heart. That’s why I really love him and his squad. I really think that we can learn a lot from him and I’d really recommend you to watch his videos.

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