Top 5 Wednesday: Favorites I’d Like to Revisit

This week’s topic is Favorites that I Would Like to Revisit.  Truth is, I don’t really revisit books that I’ve read much, most especially books that I loved. I just have this fear that the book will change the second time that I read it. I usually reread a book I did not like in case the second read would give me a different perspective about the book. So, I fear that I get a different perspective on a book that I love… What if it’s not that great anyways? Sometimes, though,  I get brave enough to revisit a favorite. And if I get that bravery soon, these are the books that I will definitely reread.

Top 5 Wednesday: Roadtrip Books

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! I decided to start this Top 5 Wednesday, a weekly book meme, that I found in this goodreads group. Starting of, this week’s topic are roadtrip books.     1. Paper Towns by John Green  Paper Towns was something that I read a few years ago, back when I was curious about…