I have been a reader for as long as I remember but I can count with my two hands the mystery and thrillers that I have read. I was actually not very fond of the genre, they kind of bored me. But recently, I’ve read several mystery and thrillers read and maybe I am starting to fall in love with the genre. I gave some books 5 stars but I’ve also given 2 stars. And then I became curious…

What makes a mystery/thriller book good?

So far, my favorite part in a mystery/thriller book is the unraveling. It’s like the most important part of the book. For most books, it’s where the murderer or what really happened was revealed.

In my case, I want the unraveling to surprise me. Knowing myself, I’ve probably tried to guess the murderer at Chapter 3 and I would have a list of reasons in my mind. It really doesn’t matter whether I get it wrong or right. I just want the answer to not be so obvious. The mystery should have kept me guessing chapter after chapter.

At the same time, it also needs to make sense. After the unraveling, I usually think about the previous chapters. Sometimes, I also reread some chapters. Clues should have been there right all along. I mean, I would really love it if the answer to the mystery was in front of me all along but I failed to realize it. For me, it takes a genius to do that. Hide the obvious in plain sight without the readers seeing it.

So… that’s what makes a mystery/thriller book good for me? How about you? What are the qualities of a mystery/thriller that appeals to you? What do you look for while reading? Please share your thoughts by commenting below! Looking forward to chat with you!

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