So… I was studying for my exams when an idea just popped into my head. A story just unraveled itself to me. And I couldn’t ignore it and I really wanted to write it.

I’ve tried writing before back in high school and college but I wasn’t really serious about it. I never planned to be serious about it. I was a reader and I loved reading about other’s finished works. I usually just abandon whatever it is I write. So… I really hesitated whether I will write this story in my head or not. I mean, why start if I won’t finish? Then, I realized that I do want to write. It won’t even matter how bad it would be… I just want the process of doing it, to create something from an idea.

So… I’ve decided to write and I’ve decided that I will try to finish it no matter what it takes. I’m going to do some reading now on tips on how I should do this. I don’t really know anything technical  about writing. I’ve also downloaded Bibisco which is a novel writing software and I’m so far loving it!

Anyways, the story in my mind is technically a fanfiction, I’m not sure though. The characters are all original though but the premise of the story relies on an event that happened in a movie.

Well, that’s all. If you have any tips for me, please help me out and comment below!


One thought on “I’ve Decided to Write”

  1. That’s amazing! Good on you. I actually used to write a lot of free verse poetry back in the day. I recently decided to try and start that back up again. I also might try my hand at short stories — not sure how well that’ll go, but whichever ha-ha!

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