You is one of the most talked about shows now. I just recently binge-watched it on Netflix and I could understand what the hype is about. So, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the show.

You is about Joe Goldberg and the actions he has undertaken for “love”. The show starts when he meets Beck, a typical “cool girl”. She’s blonde, she’s pretty and has an instagrammable lifestyle. All of her accounts are in public which Joe regards as “Beck wants to be seen”. She really seems like the type to really want attention.


A lot of tweets I’ve seen is about how “hot” Joe is. He’s a stalker and a murderer. How can people still see him as hot? We still find him as “attractive” because the character was designed that way. Most of the show is from his perspective. He keeps talking about “doing everything for love”. We hear him justifying his thoughts over and over again. So, a part of us is inclined to believe him. Because he believed it himself. The character was designed to be this hot sexy stalker/murderer and some people bought it so I guess the idea was executed quite well. The genius mind behind the show and the book is well… a genius! Through words and a good choice to play the character, we actually couldn’t help but fall for a creepy stalker! Shame on us? I don’t think so. I think we’re allowed to like Joe while watching the show. But… after watching, let us not forget that the bad actions Joe has done can’t really be justified. I agree with what he said in the show that “some people deserve to die” but the decision isn’t really his. I don’t think that he really has a right to decide who deserves to die or not.


Beck is another interesting character. With this character, I learned that there are different kinds of awful people. Joe is messed up but Beck is not so great either. I actually hated her more than I can bring myself to dislike Joe. She’s a manipulative person who just uses other people. She wears this “nice girl” mask but she’s far from what I can consider as nice. She constantly justifies her actions just as Joe justifies his. Well, murder is far from being pretentious. Again, the character is designed that way. She’s designed to be portrayed as “awful”. I think this was done to show that maybe Joe isn’t that bad. Again, the execution of the idea was done well because I was annoyed as f*ck with Beck.

What’s so scary about this show?

I guess the answer to this question can be so obvious. It’s scary because it can be true. Stalking today is so easy. We flaunt what we do and where we are every day in social media. I’m quite sure some of us actually made our accounts private after watching.

But… what’s so scary for me is that Joe seemed like the perfect guy. My sister told me that if you will edit out all the stalking and killing moments, the show will actually look like a romantic comedy. I mean… they met at a bookstore then the guy saves the girl from a rushing train. The guy was so supportive about the girl’s hopes and dreams… they broke up and found their way back to each other. It’s like the common moments in a romantic comedy. Before watching the show, I would really love to meet a guy in a bookstore. It’s like a bookworm’s dream!

So… this show makes us wonder whether we really know the people we meet. I mean I’ve always known that a person has different layers… that we don’t really see the entirety of a person. But now…we begin to doubt whether or not the person we are dating can be capable of awful things. Joe didn’t seem the type. But he is. My trust issues just doubled. And what’s really scary is we’ll never really know for sure. We might think we know people and be wrong.

My Final Thoughts

The show is an amazing psychological thriller. I was hooked from episode 1. It was so addictive.  The storytelling was done very well. I learned from this show that there are many kinds of awful people in the world. I immensely enjoyed being inside the mind of someone like Joe. I enjoyed knowing his train of thought and what drives him to do the things he has done. I would definitely wait for Season 2!

Chat With Me

Hey guys! Have you watched the show? What are your thoughts about it? What are your thoughts about the complex and very interesting characters? Are you looking forward to Season 2? What do you want to see in the next season? Chat with me through the comments below!

9 thoughts on “My Thoughts on You (Netflix Series)”

    1. I also really think that Season 2 will be all about Candace. I’m also really interested on the second season to find out if he will really not be caught after everything he’s done.

  1. I can’t watch this show specifically because I live alone and WANT to eventually get back into dating…which I hate in general and get freaked out about…so I can’t watch this show lmao!! I’ve heard great things and I really like your thoughts on it!

    1. Thanks! Yeah the show is a different kind of scary. I watched it now while I’m still on a holiday with my family. I failed to consider that I live alone in a city when I watched it!!! I’m not even sure how this will affect my “dating” since I’ve already had enough trust issues even without this show.

  2. I watched episode 1 and I couldn’t watch another episode. It was too disturbing for me! I immediately disliked Joe’s character. Can’t say much for Beck because she was still ‘normal’ in episode 1. 😀 Also I can’t understand why Beck doesn’t have curtains!!! LOL

    1. I agree on how disturbing the show is, good thing my social media accounts are on private. I actually didn’t dislike Joe though and I hate myself for that. I know how wrong his actions are but it’s so hard to dislike him because it’s his narrative. That’s why I think the writing of the show is genius. They were able to make a stalker appeal to the people.

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