I was in a huge slump. I hated the books I was reading which led to me actually dreading reading. Reading started to feel like a chore rather than an escape. I was determined to finish the books even if I was not enjoying it because I hate not finishing a book as much as I hate those books I was reading. This led me to not reading at all. Then, I was on a really stressful part of my life – finals are coming! Books used to refresh my mind whenever I get burnt out but I immediately feel the dread when I think about reading. This made me question myself- Do I still love reading? Maybe I don’t anymore? For a long time, books have been a big part of my life… Am I really done with that?

So… I did something that I usually do when I’m losing my motivation on anything. I went back to the beginning. I tried to find my roots and tried to remember why I started in the first place. My solution for this dilemma is to reread my favorite book. And it worked!

My favorite book is On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. It was a book that changed me back on my early teenage years. I never really stopped thinking about the characters and pondering about their territory wars. It was a book that gave me lots of emotion. It was a book I really needed right now. For the past few months, I was feeling numb and was on auto-pilot mode.

Reading On the Jellicoe Road made me re-experience the feelings I felt all the years back. It made me feel all these emotions once more. It felt like I was refreshed and that I can feel again. It made me remember why I love reading.

With reading, I get to forget all the pressures of this world. I get to go to places (fictional or real) and see it all in my head. I read to stop being who I am for a minute. And after a book, I get to realize a part of me I forgot was there. In the end, I get to be more of who I am.

So… that is all that  wanted to share for this post. I hope that you won’t experience a reading slump. And if you are in one, go back to the beginning and remind yourself why you started in the first place. Happy reading!

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