January Releases to Add to To Your Reading List

Hey everyone! Happy new year! 2018 came by so fast, I can hardly believe that it’s already 2019! I believe that a new year offers so many opportunity. New year, new beginnings, right? It can also mean a new set of reading challenges and reading lists! Anyways, here are 3 books to be released this…

Book Review: The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

Set in a darkly glamorous Paris, the book follows a charismatic but cursed heir of a massive fortune as he plots to steal one of three ancient and powerful artifacts of fate. He and his crew will navigate the elite gatherings of secret occult societies, traveling through Paris’ catacombs where they must confront their worst secrets as well as a destiny they never imagined.

Top 5 Wednesday: Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

This week’s topic is Most Anticipated 2019 Releases. This year (2018), I’ve discovered Netgalley so I was able to read unpublished books that is soon to be published this coming 2019. Fortunately for me, I really loved the books that I requested and I am really anticipating their publication.

Top 5 Wednesday: Books to Give My Loved Ones as a Gift

This week’s topic is Books to Give _____ as Gifts. I decided to do one for my loved ones instead of one particular person. Here are the five books I will give my family and best friend: 1. Becoming by Michelle Obama for my parents This is a memoir by the former first lady Michelle…