So I decided to start episode 1 of The Umbrella Academy for today. I saw the trailer and it seemed decent enough so I gave it a try.

Fast forward 11 hours later to when I’m thanking my past self for a very good decision.

First of all, I didn’t know anything about the comic book and my only knowledge about this is the show. I won’t know if it’s a good adaptation or not. This review is just purely about the show.

The Plot

The Umbrella Academy is about 7 siblings who were adopted and raised by a billionare to save the world. 6 out of 7 of these children have extraordinary powers. As a team, these children fight crimes and go to missions together. However, one of them goes missing and another has died. Those who survived grew up apart and led their lives separate from each other… until they receive news that their father has died. Plus, the world is ending in 8 days and they’re the only ones who can save it…

Upon watching the trailer, I decided to watch the show right a way. I really have affinity to shows like this. A family of superheroes trying to save the world? Count me in!

Even if the plot was predictable to me, I still enjoyed very much. The show didn’t really show us anything new but it’s okay for me. There’s nothing wrong with using a formula that works. The pacing and build-up is actually great. I also really loved the interaction between the characters. I think the characters are what made this show work for me.

The Characters

Number One / Luther

Luther used to be the leader of the group. He has super strength and he’s the type that always played by the rules. He has always obeyed their father and never left the academy. When his father sent him to the moon, he actually did it and stayed there for four years. Not my favorite character, probably my least favorite character. I just couldn’t relate to him and I borderline hated him. I really think that everything is just his fault.

Number Two / Diego

Diego can throw anything and it lands to where exactly he wants it. As an adult, it seems like he really likes saving other people so he “works” as a vigilante. I feel more sympathy to this character. He’s a lot more interesting than Luther. He’s the serious type as well but in a lot less annoying way than Luther.

Number Three/Allison

Allison’s power is somewhat like hypnosis. She makes other people do things by just saying “I heard a rumor that you…” and that person does what she says. I really liked her since the beginning because I thought that her powers are intriguing. I just feel disappointed that we didn’t get to see her powers a lot.

Number Four/Klaus

Klaus can conjure the dad which is a pretty crappy superpower especially if you’re scared of the dead. Naturally, that messes you up… and Klaus’ way of coping with it is through drugs. His powers are also attenuated by the drugs so less ghosts for him as he can only conjure the dead when he’s sober except for their brother, Ben. Klaus is my favorite character. He’s actually funny. I also think he’s the saddest of them all and I just always a feel a connection with sad characters.

Number Five

Number Five was their brother who got lost when they were 13 years old. His ability is to teleport to space and time. Unfortunately for him, he got stuck in the future… the apocalyptic future where everybody’s dead. He now returns to his family and try to save the world.

Number Six / Ben

From the start of the series, Ben was already dead. We only really see him when he’s talking to Klaus. Still, he was pretty important in the end. And he’s actually my next favorite character.

Number Seven / Vanya

Vanya was the odd one out. She didn’t really have powers so she didn’t go out to mission with the others. She was always isolated and she has always felt alone.

My Final Thoughts

I really liked this show such that I binge-watched it the whole day!!! I kind of hated the ending but it’s actually quite perfect to pave the way for a possible season 2. I really strongly recommend this show to everyone!

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