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This week’s topic is Most Anticipated 2019 Releases. This year (2018), I’ve discovered Netgalley so I was able to read unpublished books that is soon to be published this coming 2019. Fortunately for me, I really loved the books that I requested and I am really anticipating their publication.

Here are the 2019 books that I’ve read:

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi 

Heist + Fantasy + awesome ensemble of characters = a great YA book! This book is about Severin, Tristan, Laila, Zophia, Enrique and Hypnos. All six of them are from different backgrounds and have different roles in a heist they were planning – a heist that can probably change the world that they knew. The stakes of this heist is so high for all of them. Anyways, for me, it has all the elements of an awesome YA book so I highly recommend this for YA lovers. Read my full review here.

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We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott

We Told Six Lies is both a thriller and a young adult book. It was disguised as a typical YA from the start but it’s mystery is so intriguing that I think it’s more of a thriller than a YA. And that plot twist… it’ll take the wind out of your lungs. Anyways, I highly recommend this book! Read my full review here.

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The Line Between by Tosca Lee

This book is one hell of a thriller for me. It has kept me on edge all throughout the book. With a premise that is possible to happen any time soon, I really loved the concept of this book and it really scared me. I really recommend this book for fans of thrillers.

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Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

A good thriller, the kind that haunts you after. This book is perfect for lovers of folklore and fairy tales. This one is a modern retelling of a folktale.  Soon to be a major motion picture, I really think this book is something to watch out for this 2019.

Realm by Alexandrea Weis

This book is a historical fiction centered around Roxana, wife of Alexander the Great. The strength and character of Roxana is something I admire. But the best part of this book is the storytelling. A truly refreshing tale that awakened my mind.

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So… that’s it! These are the books that I think you should wait for this 2019. Are there any book that you think I should watch out for this 2019? Comment below! I’m really interested about your recommendations. 

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